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Our superior quality convex mirrors are made of stainless steel. Whether you are looking for an unbreakable traffic mirror or a convex mirror to use in a garage, parking building o r driveway, we have a solution to help make your high accident risk areas safer.convex garage mirrors have been developd for interior or sheltered positions. The weather proof traffic mirrors are useful for external areas such as driveways and parking lots. The unbreakable traffic mirror and high visibility traffic mirror are ideal for everywhere!

اطلاعات تکميلي

  • توضیحات: Stainless Steel Convex Mirror
  • اندازه (سانتیمتر): 32
  • اندازه جعبه (سانتیمتر): 78*38*38
  • وزن (کیلوگرم): 15